Flow meters are designed and manufactured according to the following International Standards:

  • Materials & Design codes: ASME B31.3, ASME B16.5, ABS, NORSOK
  • Tests & examination: ASME V & VIII
  • Construction: According to EU directives
  • N° 97/23-EC PED: Equipment under pressure
  • N° 94/09-EC ATEX: Hazardous areas equipment
  • N° 89/333-EC ECM: Electro-magnetic compatibility
  • Metrology: OIML R117-R1, API MPMS Chapt. 1 to 18

DFX ultrasonic flow meters are the only ultrasonic meters with up to 32 beams. They can be proved directly against standard size ball provers and compact provers. 

HTM helical turbine meters have a unique internal design that allows reliable and stable meter factors even when viscosity changes. 

FCS flow conditioners are fail safe designs with cross-plate straightening vanes to reduce pressure drop.